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Ramada Plaza Gwangju


Ramada Plaza gwangju Hotel is the only premium first class hotel in
gwangju province. It acquired the title of "Plaza", which is given only
to the highest grade hotels among Ramada brand hotels

“We invite you to the premium first class service of high grade which will
enhance the name of gwangju, a village of light.”

I would like to present you the pride of gwangju, Honam, Ramada Plaza gwangju
Hotel. Exterior of the hotel which will make the whole city brighter and high grade
interior facilities, personnel resource composed of the best specialist of each field,
global level service and hotel culture which will lead the community,.... The very
first premium first class hotel in gwangju region, Ramada Plaza gwangju, is ready
to greet you.

Ramada Plaza gwangju positioning itself as a 'landmark' of Sangmu area which can
be called the center of gwangju is of 3 underground floors and 17 ground floors.
With its 123 high grade guest rooms, it will satisfy the expectation of domestic and
overseas guests. We promise you to promote continuous community development
by leading the best hotel culture and create the best satisfaction by providing
global level service not only to domestic guests but also to overseas guests.

Ramada Plaza gwangju which pursues the best tried to match the target to the
global level from the design stage. The exterior construction and design of the guest
room interior were performed by ISM Design Co, Australia, in a way to emphasize
modernity and practicality. Also, the design of the lobby and sky lounge which can
be said flowers of the hotel were performed by SuperPotato of Japan, a specialized
design company of global level, which gave birth to the moderate aesthetic interior
design where nature and art are harmonized.

Ramada Plaza gwangju Hotel which will stand high as a price of gwangju will take
its role not only as a high grade hotel but also as an integrated cultural space, and
will practice high grade hospitality service as a premium first class hotel under its
management ideology of "grow with the community starting from small things".

Ramada Plaza gwangju Hotel
President Kim Dae Won